Wald in der Gemeinde Tittmoning
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Crossing the Border with history

When walking through the winding streets of the old town, the special charm of Tittmoning quickly unfolds for the visitor. The castle, built by the Salzburg prince bishops, is the city's landmark and venue for concerts, exhibitions, theater performances, arts and crafts markets and a two-day medieval spectacle with knight fights. Old handicrafts are shown in the adjoining tannery museum. Tittmoning's town square, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Bavaria, invites you to stroll in a historic ambience.

Folk art and waterfront trails

The Rupertiwinkel Museum houses important collections of folk art in 23 showrooms as well as Bavaria's largest collection of shooting targets. The water runs on romantic paths in the Ponlachgraben past the healing spring and pilgrimage church. On the Salzach, flat-bottomed trips, nature trails and floodplain forests invite you to relax.

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Tittmoningen local history

Under Roman rule, the Salzach Valley was first opened up for traffic. Remains of estates in Kay and in the city center as well as a floor mosaic uncovered in 1974 are reminiscent of this time. For more than 1,000 years, from 788 to the handover to Bavaria in 1810, "Titamaninga" belonged to the archbishopric of Salzburg. In 1234, the Archbishop of Salzburg, Eberhard II, had the town elevated to the status of a town with its own administrative court and commercial privileges, and expanded it with a mighty border castle as a bulwark against Burghausen. After severe damage in the Salt War in 1611, Archbishop Markus Sittikus from Salzburg, who was keen on building, had the castle rebuilt as a hunting lodge and summer residence for the bishops. The castle has been used as a museum since 1911.

Tittmoningen personalities

Among the special personalities of the city, two Tittmoningers by choice stand out: the former Bavarian Pope Benedict XVI. spent his early childhood in Tittmoning as Joseph Ratzinger from 1929 to 1932. He has been an honorary citizen of the city since 2007. The painter Pete Kilkenny actually comes from England. He became known far beyond his new adopted home of Tittmoning for his large-format paintings of cows.

Luftbild der Burg in Tittmoning
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Tittmoning in winter

Barbara market

A highlight in winter is the Barbara market in early December. A sea of lights from candles, fire and illumination immerses the old town of Tittmoning in a particularly mysterious atmosphere. Stagings in the castle and along the paths, musicians, exhibitions and angel bakery as well as a variety of original stands with handicrafts, incense and delicacies awaken the anticipation of Advent.

Nativity Roas

A short time later, around the turn of the year, the annual "Kripperlroas" takes place. She takes you on guided tours to special nativity scenes in the city. This is regularly supplemented by a large crib exhibition in the castle.

Tittmoning in summer

Burg Tittmoning

Tittmoning Castle, which towers high above the old town, can be seen from afar. Here you can find local finds and handicrafts...

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Klosterkirche Allerheiligen

The All Saints Church in Tittmoning, once the monastery church of the order of Augustinian hermits, is one of the two Catholic churches in the immediate vicinity of the historic town square of Tittmoning.

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Experience the unique landscape around Tittmoning on this easy and family-friendly bike tour along streams and bodies of water.

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Fun circular hiking trail with lots of information about the local flora and fauna. 00:35 h. Tittmoning.

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Tittmoning town square
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