Chiemhauser Alm

The Alm can be easily reached from two places : From the mountaineering village of Schleching , you can either follow the northern part of the Samer and Smuggler Trail and then branch off at the Haider Alm and hike in the direction of the Chiemhauser Alm (duration of ascent: approx. 2 hours) .

The southern part of the circular route leads via the Streichen mountain inn and the Kroatensteig to the Taubensee , the highest mountain lake in the Chiemgau, from where you can descend to the Alm (ascent time: approx. 3 1/2 hours).

A hike from the Taubensee car park in Unterwössen via the Luftbodensteig and the Luftbodensattel is always worthwhile (ascent time: approx. 4-4 1/2 hours).

The Alm, which looks like a former farmhouse - and it probably used to be, is home to young animals (calves) as well as other small animals such as chickens and rabbits : all "little hikers" get their money's worth. Since the Chiemhauser Alm can also be reached with a stroller and has a small playground, the Alm is an ideal destination for families. Physical well-being is also taken care of: Hikers can look forward to typical Alpine refreshments with cheese, bacon and sausages . Coffee and cake are also provided.


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Chiemhauser Alm
Chiemhauser Alm
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